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   The Punisher online store offers to buy military mat on favorable conditions for hiking, fishing and hunting. The catalog contains rugs and bedding made of quality materials from the best Western and Ukrainian manufacturers.

Military mat: characteristics and purpose

   In modern NATO armies, much attention is paid to maintaining the well-being and bodily warmth of the tactical units. The equipment is thought out so that the soldier was convenient and comfortable in any weather and field conditions.
   One of the elements of the fighter’s camping equipment is the military sleeping mat, which are used to sit on the ground and protect the unit from cold and high humidity. They are made of modern porous polymers (lightweight polyurethane) and have unique characteristics:

  • have high mechanical strength and wear resistance;
  • can be single-layer and two-layer (warmer, but heavy);
  • do not break, do not pierce with sharp objects, do not burn, do not rot;
  • almost do not let heat through (some models have a foil bottom layer);
  • inert to water, UV, chemicals and microorganisms;
  • are inexpensive;
  • are exploited for a long time.

   According to the type of addition, military mat are: folding rest mat or roll-mats. Sleeping mats are worn in a duffel bag or on an external sling to it, additionally protecting a fighter from injuries when falling or hitting.
   In addition to polyurethane models, which are also used by tourists, hunters and fishermen, there are more complex military modifications:

  • Self-Inflating Mats - products based on a highly porous polymer that absorb air and can thereby expose their width by 10 cm. They are sensitive to fire and mechanical damage.
  • Tent Air Mats - lightweight karemat (hermetic bags), which are pumped up by a compact pump. They are very soft, with increased thermal protection, ideal for creating a floor surface in a tent.

   All three types of sleeping mats are actively used not only by the military and rescue workers, but also by tourists, fishermen and hunters, who often find themselves in the open air for a long time.
   Which option to choose? Military sleeping mat, Self-Inflating Mats or Tent Air Mats? It all depends on the distance, duration and difficulty of the trip. If these are short stops, then a light sleeping mat or folding rest mat will be enough. For a long camp, it is better to use Self-Inflating Mats, and in the tent you will be protected from the cold and humidity by Tent Air Mats.

   It is also important to remember that Tent Air mats have a boundary temperature (comfortable temperature). This parameter should be considered when choosing a rug for a mountain expedition or for winter hunting. In addition, the marking usually indicates its mass.

Military mats in Ukraine

   The catalog of the store contains products of American, German and Ukrainian manufacturers:

  • military mats;
  • inflatable sleeping mat;
  • mats with seats;
  • covers for mats.

   The products are original and presented by the brands M-Tac, Punisher, Therm-a-Rest and manufacturers of tactical equipment for the Bundeswehr. Mats are made of lightweight, flexible and environmentally friendly materials, undergo mandatory factory quality control, are certified and protected by a manufacturer's warranty.

   Military sleeping mat The Bundeswehr and NATO are practical and very lightweight mats that are designed for year-round use in difficult field conditions, are mechanically and climate resistant, retain heat well, do not let water through, are easy to assemble and conveniently transported.

   You can choose military mats of the required quality, size, color (plain or camouflage) directly in the product catalog. For those who want to save money, we can offer used military mats that are in perfect condition and retain their original technical characteristics, but much cheaper than new counterparts. Delivery of paid orders in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine - in the shortest possible time.

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