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Tactical clothing

   Our online store invites everyone who is interested in high-quality military clothing and accessories for everyday wear and recreation for profitable purchases. All presented models fully comply with quality and safety standards, guaranteeing the creation of optimal conditions for a long stay in the open space. You can order and buy your favorite models directly on the company's website, immediately registering delivery from Zaporozhye to Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

What materials is the standard tactical uniform made of?

   To ensure a successful fit on the figure and protect the body from adverse external influences, the following types of materials can be used when sewing:

  • Oxford fabric based on nylon or polyester fibers. It has exceptional moisture resistance, provides dry skin even with intense precipitation, retains its strength after numerous washes.

    A twill weave made from a mixture of cotton threads and polyester. The former provide the absorbent properties of the fabric and protect against hypothermia, while the latter makes things wear-resistant, helping them to withstand intense mechanical stress and friction.

  • Rip-stop fabric with a blended composition, the density of which reliably protects the skin surface from bruises and cuts, and also provides soft support to the muscle tissue of the limbs.
  • Cotton-based fleece, models of which are recommended for everyday wear in the autumn-winter period. The high level of thermal insulation of the fabric makes it ideal protection against wind and cool night air.

Why you need quality tactical clothing

   Don't be in a hurry to be tempted to buy tactical pants or a suit at too low a price. Perhaps we are talking about the sale of used products that have survived dozens of washings and have obvious damage from intensive use. It is important that tactical clothing, which you can buy in Ukraine only from trusted suppliers, is impeccably new. Only in this case:

  • the purchased product will provide your comfort and convenience during the game, a long walk or performing a difficult task;
  • the model will withstand dozens of washes without losing its original shape and masking shade;
  • you will solve the problem of equipment for outdoor activities for several seasons;
  • the new tactical clothing for the city will protect against injury and hypothermia by providing soft muscle support and free blood circulation.

   New tactical uniform from a reliable manufacturer will make you invulnerable to the "enemy" and will allow you to appreciate all the advantages of your chosen hobby.

Where is it profitable to buy tactical clothing in Ukraine

   Our online store is glad to be useful to everyone who wants to buy a tactical suit or its individual elements. The catalog presents a wide range of stylish and comfortable camouflage and military clothing samples, which can be worn on vacation, during sports games, training sessions or military exercises. High quality, practicality and convenience of the kits are due to the careful selection of materials and professional tailoring. Also among the advantages of our cooperation:

  • regular updates of the assortment;
  • adequate cost of goods;
  • the possibility of purchasing both a set of products and certain types of equipment;
  • wide range of sizes;
  • delivery service of models to order.

   You can clarify prices and immediately place an order for tactical pants and accessories by calling the tactical clothing store at the indicated numbers.