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     Punisher online store offers the Ministry of Internal Affairs and security services in Ukraine to buy police uniforms, chevrons and cockades on favorable terms and prices as well. Our product catalog contains finished products that meet accepted standards of form and are made by well-known European and Ukrainian manufacturers.

 Requirements for the police uniform of employees in Ukraine

     Modern police clothing for employees of the Ministry of Ukraine Internal Affairs was developed in 2015 on the model of the American police uniform. It is designed for prolonged wearing in different climatic conditions, is obliged to protect the fighter from bad weather and temperature extremes, to ensure complete freedom of movement and maintain their characteristics in any extreme situations. 

     The physical condition of the National Police officer, his mobility and the ability to effectively perform law enforcement and tactical operations tasks depend on the quality, practicality and functionality of the uniform and equipment.

     The police uniform presented in the catalog of uniforms and accessories of our store:

       •             designed and developed taking into account the specifics of extreme operation;

       •             has the most ergonomic cut;

       •             Sewn from durable, wear-resistant, wrinkled, non-marking and hygienic fabrics (cotton, softshell, ripstop);

       •             has double seams of high strength;

       •             has the ability to pass air ("breathable" effect);

       •             repels water;

       •             equipped with functional pockets, cuffs for protection from wind and cold, Velcro for stripes, chevrons and insignias;

       •             has high-quality, stainless accessories;

       •             protected by reinforcing pads on the knees, elbows and other areas of maximum mechanical stress;

       •             made in authorized colors (black, dark blue);

       •             easy to clean, easy to wash and clean.Baseball Cap M-Tac Police

     The police uniform is presentable and designed for patrolling and tactical operations in any weather and is offered in the summer and winter versions (additional fleece jackets). To perform tactical tasks, it can be understaffed with the necessary accessories (including vests and covers for body armor). Accessories (holsters, cases for shops and batons) are made of durable natural polished leather and are designed for long-term use.

 To buy a police uniform in Ukraine

     The catalog of our store presents a wide selection of goods for the police from the well-known brands M-Tac, A-line, Ukrainian Armor:

       •             uniform for employees of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - long / short sleeve shirts, pullovers, sweaters, tunics, jackets, trousers,

       •             thermal underwear;

       •             weapons accessories (holsters for service pistols, pouches for pistol shops and batons);

       •             vests and covers for body armor;

       •             baseball caps;

       •             lanterns;

       •             chevrons and cockades.

     All the products presented are original, certified, protected by the manufacturers warranty and carefully packaged upon delivery. It is possible to order and buy the patrol police uniform in full or in separate items for the retrofitting of work clothes for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

     A wholesale or retail order is placed directly in the product catalog of our store, payment is possible in any way convenient for you. Delivery of purchased goods is made to anywhere in Ukraine in the shortest possible time. The assortment also has the second-hand uniform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which allows to significantly save on the purchase of new uniforms and accessories.


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