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The Saim series thermal imager is designed with portability and ease of use in mind. Ergonomic design and superior image quality make the Saim series an excellent companion for night surveillance even in rainy or foggy weather.

High image quality
The built-in InfiRay detector and matched with the Matrix ным TM powerful algorithm are designed to enhance image clarity and overall image detail. Matrix Ⅲ TM leads to a clearer field of view and increased capabilities of the object of identification. The Saim Series delivers high image quality by automatically improving image contrast, enhancing the image hierarchy to find targets faster.

Convenient interface
Simplicity and ease of use are the original design intentions of the Saim series. Full icon design, easy to understand and semi-transparent menu background design can effectively avoid occlusion problems. Inner menu items and options are also displayed on a contrasting gradient matte, so you can keep track of settings without losing sight of your purpose.

Adjusting the sharpness of the image
Image sharpness can be manually adjusted to suit individual preferences for high quality images, and there are four levels to select with a short press of the menu key.

Ultra bright mode
Ultraclear mode is specially designed for bad weather such as heavy fog and rain, which makes Saim more sensitive and more detail.

Compact size and light weight
With reasonable layout, compact structure and light weight, Saim series is more convenient and convenient for outdoor use.

High impact resistance
The Saim series is distinguished by its extremely high impact resistance up to 6000J.

Built-in DVR and WIFI connection
The SCT is equipped with a 16GB recorder, which can record video and capture images while monitoring 16GB, which can store about 20,000 images. Video and photo files saved in internal memory can be transferred to a computer via a wired connection or to a phone via Wi-Fi. The product's Wi-Fi hotspot supports the simultaneous connection of four devices.

External power supply
Runtime can be significantly increased by connecting external large capacity power supplies, i.e. portable power supply, using the Type C cable provided in the package.

Picture-in-picture function
Picture-in-picture improves accuracy by providing a 2x magnification of the grid area at the top of the display. This helps to enlarge the target while preserving the rest of the visible field of view.

Long detection range 1800 meters
The actual detection range of a human figure (1.8x0.5 m) in the field against the background of a forest for Saim heating devices up to 1818 meters.

Lens: 35mm
Matrix: iRay Vox Ceramic 17um
Matrix size: 384x288 px
Frame rate: 50 hertz
Display: OLED
Display resolution: 1280x960 px
Angle of view: 10.7x8
Sensor sensitivity: <40 mk
Rangefinder: Metric
Magnification: 2.0x - 8x
Waterproof: IP67
Working time: Up to 4h
Working temperature: -40C - + 50C
Impact resistance: 6000J
External Power: USB Type-c
Video and photo recording: External recorder
Weight: 420 gr
Vehicle detection: 1860m
Vehicle recognition: 744m
Human detection: 1283m
Person recognition: 410m

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Delta IRay Saim SCL35 Thermal imaging sight

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