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A set of tools for campfire includes an ax, a saw and a flint.

With their help, you can both prepare firewood and make a fire.

The ax is designed with a long handle, and therefore, despite its small size, the user can wipe well and easily cut the desired tree limb.

Its total length is 34.7 cm, and the width of the cutting edge is 8 cm.

The ax is made of stainless steel, namely the 3CR13 alloy.

It is similar in character to the popular 440A knife steel, but harder,

and therefore suitable for more rough work and requires less frequent sharpening.

The metal surface is made of black and matte, so that the ax does not glare.

For the handle manufacturers decided to use glass-filled nylon.

It is light, but very durable material that does not slip in the hands and tolerates high humidity and a large temperature range.

From the inside, the handle is empty and it contains the second tool from the set - the saw.

Since this ax is intended for use on tourist trips, it is sold with a boot.

This item is made of yellow plastic. It rests tightly on the metal part of the ax, completely closing its blade.

Therefore, it is absolutely safe to transport the instrument.

By the way, there is a handle on the case.

The saw from the Ganzo set is intended for cutting branches of small diameter.

You need to hold this tool in one hand, for which a comfortable handle of the same yellow color as the ax boot is made of ABS plastic.

The total length of the tool is 34.7 cm. The saw blade is 18 cm.

The width of the blade is 2 cm. The saw is made of the same steel grade used for the ax - 3CR13.

When the wood is ready, it's time to start the fire.

To do this, there is a flint in the set, which is stored in a special cell on the ax cover.

This is a little rod with a length of 7 cm, from which sparks are easily cut enough to ignite a flame.

In addition to the fact that this tool is very compact, it also proved to be excellent in conditions of high humidity.

So, having a Ganzo set with you, you will definitely not be left without a fire while fishing,

hunting or while camping in nature with a tent.

Type saw ax

Length: 34.7 cm

Weight: 0.943 kg

Material: 3CR13

Features: the set includes an ax, a saw, a flint;

metal for ax and saw - alloy 3CR13;

glass-filled nylon is used for the ax handle;

handle saw is made of ABS plastic;

in a set there is a cover for the ax;

the whole kit weighs 943 grams;

ax handle length is 34.7 cm;

saw length with the handle - 30 cm;

cutting edge width - 8 cm;

length of flint - 7 cm.

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Ganzo Axe

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SKU: 2000000002804
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SKU 2000000002804
Brand Ganzo
Made in China
Color Black