2018/10/14 International opening day sniper

Fort Benning, Georgia (October 15, 2018) - Thirty sniper teams run to their equipment at the opening of the 18th annual international sniper competition.

School of snipers where competitions were held

18th Annual International Sniper Competition Cup

The competition, which took place from October 15 to 19 in Fort Benning, Georgia, includes teams from the entire army, the Department of Defense and civil law enforcement agencies and from around the world to determine who is the best two-person team sniper in the world.

The US Army, National Guard Army, Army Reserve, Marine, Coast Guard and Air Force, as well as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Israel, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United Kingdom take part in the competition (Army Photo Marx Horace USA, Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning Public Relations)


2018/10/15 International day of the sniper 2nd day
(Fort Benning, J) - Sniper teams from all over the world go to Fort Benning, Georgia, to participate in the annual international sniper competition, October 14-16, 2018, at the post.

The purpose of this competition is to identify the best team of snipers from a variety of agencies and organizations, which includes military, international military, the United States, as well as local, federal and federal law enforcement agencies. (Photo by US Army Patrick A. Albright, Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning Public Relations)

International Sniper Competition 3rd Day (Fort Benning, J.)

The third day of the competition team positions

18th Annual International Sniper Awards Ceremony

For the second year in a row, the team from the 75th Ranger Regiment won first place at the 18th annual International Sniper Competition in Fort Benning, Georgia, on October 19, 2018.

Awarding teams of participants

Headquarters SGTS. Brandon Kelly and Jonathan Roque scored the most points in a multi-day competition in which teams of two people from the whole army, from other services of the Ministry of Defense, from the FBI and from other countries participated. (Photo: Markeith Horace / Photographer MCoE PAO)

Awarding teams of participants