Discount program

Customers of our store have the opportunity to become members of the discount program.

- A discount card is issued for a one-time purchase in the amount of 1000 UAH.
- To participate in the discount program, the Client is obliged to fill in the application form proposed by the company or verbally provide information to the seller-consultant when issuing a card in the store. Without entering data about the Customer into the database, the discount card will not be activated.
- Only one Card can be registered to one participant of the discount program.
- The discount card is cumulative and entitles its holder when a certain amount (monetary threshold) is accumulated for a discount according to the prescribed scale:

- Accumulation from 5000 to 9999 hryvnia - 3%
- Accumulation over 10,000 hryvnia - 5%

- Discount and accrual of the amount (accumulation of the amount) is granted upon presentation of a discount card.
- Recalculation of discounts on a discount card is carried out with each subsequent purchase.
- A discount card is not issued to the client, subject to the gift certificate they have purchased.
- Discount on the discount card is not available for goods on specials. price, sale as well as other promotional offers.
- When returning the product from the discount card, the amount is deducted and the discount amount, the cumulative amount is reduced.
- In case of loss of the Discount Card, the Customer must contact the store. To restore the card, the client (participant of the discount program) must have an identity document with him (passport or phone number on which the card is registered). The lost card is blocked, the amount and discounts are transferred to the new card.
- The discount card has an unlimited duration.
- In case of specifying inaccurate information about yourself in the questionnaire, as well as in case of untimely change of outdated information, the participant of the discount program independently bears the risk of any negative consequences associated with incorrect information. To change the data, you can contact the store with a document confirming your identity or phone number indicated in the card. The company reserves the right to make any changes to these conditions of the discount program at any time without prior notice to program participants.

Information about these changes will be available on the website and in the store. The participant independently tracks changes in conditions.