Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt - a lightweight shirt set Combat Apparel second generation from the American company Crye Precision.

The first generation of combat uniforms from Crye Precision once made a breakthrough in the world of military field clothing. It was with its advent that most manufacturers began to abandon heavy coats with poor breathability in favor of combat shirts, optimized for use with individual armor. The release of Crye Precision Combat Shirt to some extent led to the emergence of the concept of "battle shirt" and the further spread of this item of clothing. Crye Precision itself not only did not stop there, but also continued to improve the cut of its product in the second generation of uniforms, expanding the capabilities of the combat shirt Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt to the next list.

- High stand-up collar.
- Two sleeve pockets.
- Velcro to place insignia.
- Ventilated torso made of refractory fabric.
- Main torso material: 96% Cotton, 4% Lycra.
- The main material of the sleeves: 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton.
- Ability to install integrated elbow protection.
- Made in the USA.

Next in the review we will get acquainted with the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt in the brand's camouflage - Multicam.

Review of the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt

Structurally, the combat shirt is designed to perform two functions simultaneously. The first is to protect the user's hands from the sun and bad weather, mechanical damage, dirt and dust at the level of the coat. The second is to improve air circulation and moisture removal from the chest and back, which are usually covered on the outside with personal protective equipment: body armor, plate holders or unloading equipment made of several layers of nylon.

Therefore, it is not surprising that to perform these functions, different parts of the body are covered with appropriate types of tissue. To increase the wear resistance of the sleeves and parts of the body vulnerable to mechanical damage, made of NYCO fabric. It consists of 50% nylon and 50% cotton, which combines comfort with strength. But to improve the vapor permeability of the torso, an elastic and refractory mixture of 96% cotton and 4% lycra is used. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton does not melt under open flames or high temperatures. So you can rest assured that Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt minimizes the area and depth of burns in case the shirt catches fire. But the well-known combat shirts are mostly not for materials, but for the functional cut, which we are getting acquainted with.

Review of the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt

The stand-up collar Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt has a height of 8.5 centimeters and protects the user's neck from dust, dirt and insects. Another reason for this height is the need to protect the sides of the neck from rubbing and mechanical damage caused by prolonged wearing of straps of unloading equipment, armor or backpacks. At the front of the collar is a zipper 21.5 centimeters long, which can be used to control air circulation and thermoregulation in the neck and chest.

Review of the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt

The armpits of the combat shirt are made of the same elastic cotton fabric in the color Tan as the torso. However, it only reaches the inner seam, which runs along the sleeves. The change in the density of the material in this area can be noticeable to some users, especially with a very tight fit, or incorrectly selected product size. This feature has even been fixed in the Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, extending the elastic insert behind the center seam.

Review of the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt

On the shoulders, made of wear-resistant NYCO, on both sides, there are diagonal pockets measuring 14.5 x 17 centimeters (width / height). On the front wall of the pocket is a velcro panel measuring 10 x 13 centimeters (width / height) to fix the chevrons and insignia. The neck of the pocket is covered by a valve made of the main material with a height of 6 cm, on the outer side of which there is an auxiliary Velcro measuring 10 x 5 cm (width / height). Here you can fix flags or chevrons of military specialties.

The pockets are placed at an angle intentionally to facilitate cross-access. The front edge of the pocket is sewn directly to the sleeve, while the bottom and back have an additional fold 2 cm wide, which can expand the inner space of the pocket if necessary. So you can use them not only for flat objects such as documents, notebooks and stationery, but also for bulk equipment - lanterns, compasses, armchairs or matches, etc.

Review of the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt

Elbows Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt are reinforced with an additional insert of the main material measuring 15 x 25 centimeters (width / height). A contour hole is made inside this insert, through which Crye Precision AirFlex Elbow Pads elbow protection can be installed in the space between the insert and the sleeve. It is a combined damper that combines a layer of foam and a rigid plastic sink of ergonomic shape, and protects the bend of the elbow from damage when changing levels and positions.

However, the hole for hard protection in the second generation shirt does not close, so over time, dust, dirt and sand can accumulate inside. This feature has also been corrected in the next, third generation of Crye Precision combat shirts.

Review of the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt

The cuffs in the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt are adjustable, which is responsible for the strap length of 7 centimeters, and adjustable inch Velcro length of 19.5 centimeters. This stock is enough to tighten the cuffs with a width of 5.5 centimeters according to the circumstances and the accompanying equipment: gloves, watches, other devices with attachment to the wrist.

Although the second generation of the Crye Precision combat uniform is considered relatively obsolete and is no longer available on the official website of the manufacturer, due to the release of the third (G3) and fourth (G4) generations, but design advantages and quality confidently give a head start to competitors in combining protection with comfort . These properties will be especially important when serving in combat theaters with hot and dry climates, semi-deserts and deserts. If at high temperatures the situation requires you to actively move with the use of armor, the Crye Precision G2 Combat Shirt will perform its functions with dignity. Fortunately, they can still be purchased from a number of Crye Precision resellers and distributors, sometimes at very reduced prices.

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Author: MAD