Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants - combat pants from the Combat Apparel set of the second generation from the American company Crye Precision.

If you follow the development of military field uniforms and tactical equipment, I am sure that the appearance of Crye Precision combat pants will be familiar to you. It was with this product that this company once revolutionized the combination of protection and comfort. These pants can be seen in the photos of most US and NATO troops and special forces from theaters of war around the world. This spread and recognition of Crye Precision Combat Pants was not accidental, and the second generation pants raised the bar of quality to a higher level, extending the benefits to the next list.

- Ten pockets.
- High soft belt.
- Strengthening of zones with the greatest abrasive loadings.
- Elastic inserts for greater comfort and improved thermoregulation.
- Compatibility with integrated knee pads.
- Main material: 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton, Ripstop.

Next in the review we will get acquainted with the Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants in the company's camouflage - Multicam.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants imitates and improves the design features of the first generation of trousers, and NYCO with a 50% combination of nylon and cotton is used as the main material. Nylon in this mixture is responsible for the strength and resistance to abrasive loads, and cotton - for the comfort of long-term wear.

There are as many as ten pockets at your disposal so that they provide quick access and do not pile up items on top of each other. But the main distinguishing feature of Crye Precision Combat Pants is the constant compatibility with integrated knee pads Crye Precision AirFlex Knee Pads, which, unfortunately, will have to be purchased separately.

We will tell about all these features in more detail, and I suggest to begin to consider them from top to bottom.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

In front of the belt, on both sides of the waistband, there are two slits for a belt 6 centimeters high. At the bottom of these slots is also a small loop 8 mm high, where you can snap a carabiner to hang glasses, gloves or other accessories. The height of the belt itself is uneven, and is the same 6 centimeters in front, gradually increasing to 6.5 cm at the side seams. For extra comfort, the belt is made of two layers of base material between which a soft insert is sewn. It partially distributes the weight and effort of battle belts, raid backpack belts and other items of unloading equipment over a larger area.

The waistband is formed by a 14 cm high YKK zipper and a valve to which an information tag with the Crue Precision logo is sewn. The volume at the waist is adjustable in a fairly wide range, which is responsible for the Velcro height of 4 cm and a width of 12.5 centimeters.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

At the back of the belt are 3 more belt slots with identical loops at the bottom. And the height of the belt itself gradually increases from 6.5 cm at the side seams to 9 centimeters in the center. This high belt not only allows you to use straps up to 6 inches wide, but also keeps Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants in place when using loaded combat belts. The load from them is also distributed over the entire diameter of the belt due to its height.

In the photo above, you should also pay attention to the insert in the color Tan, which is located just below the waist of the pants. This insert is elastic, increases its height from 3 centimeters at the side seams to 5 cm in the center, and is designed to perform two tasks.

The first is to change your height when changing levels and positions without shifting the waistband. Therefore, the belt itself, the belt, and the items attached to it (holsters, holsters, etc.) remain exactly where they were. So with a well-developed muscular memory, the objects on the belt are exactly where you are used to.

The second is to ensure better air circulation in the lumbar region by using a material of lower density. You will notice this feature when using a loaded belt and a high level of physical activity in the hot season. The Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants is noticeably cooler, even if they have a belt with a holster, shop pouchers and a few outfits with gear on top of their belt.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

The front cut-in pockets of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants have a diagonal neck length of 16 centimeters. Through it you have access to a flat pocket with useful dimensions of 17 x 15 centimeters (width / height).

The black textile sling you see in the photo above is nothing more than a mechanism for vertically adjusting the position of the integrated knee pads, to which we will return later. This sling is passed through a plastic buckle with two slits, and allows you to select the desired height at which the dampers and plastic shells of the knee pads will be located. Excess sling is placed inside the front mortise pocket, partially occupying its space, but it can not be seen from the outside. Also, you will not touch this sling on the surrounding objects.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

The back pockets have a neck width of 12 centimeters and are hidden behind valves 5 cm high. Velcro valves block the way dust, dirt and precipitation get into the back pockets with useful dimensions of about 15.5 x 17 centimeters (width / height). These pockets are suitable for transporting flat items such as notebooks, wallets and more. But keep in mind that when using a combat belt on top of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants, access to them will be limited, if not completely blocked.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

The front patch pockets are located on the front surface of the thigh just below the front mortise pockets with diagonal necks. This is an alternative to back pockets with quick access. The neck 11 centimeters wide is closed by a valve 4 centimeters high. After folding the valve, you get access to a pocket measuring 10 x 14 (width / height). This is a patch pocket, respectively, in its front wall there is a fold, which allows you to increase the volume of the pocket by an additional 4 centimeters. So you can place here not only flat, but also three-dimensional objects to which you need relatively frequent and unobstructed access, even when you are sitting in a car seat.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants thigh pockets take on the role of the main transport containers. In this they are helped by a wide neck as much as 20 centimeters, through which you get access to a pocket measuring 20.5 x 24.5 centimeters (width / height). The neck is closed by a valve 6.5 centimeters high, which blocks the entry of foreign objects inside, and the necessary things outside the pocket.

To transport bulky items, the back seam of the pocket is equipped with a fold, which gives the pocket an additional 6.5 centimeters of depth. Like the patch pockets placed above, the front wall of these pockets also has additional folds. But here are two of them, each of which expands the pocket by another 4 centimeters. Therefore, these pockets can be used not only to dump empty stores, but also to transport very large items and equipment: water bottles, rations, other necessary field equipment.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

The front knees are equipped with contour inserts of the main material with a total size of 17 x 30 centimeters (width / height). Inside the insert you can see a hole of a characteristic shape, through which the integrated knee pads of the Crye Precision AirFlex Knee Pads series are mounted. It is a combined protection consisting of a plastic sink and a soft damper, and is designed to protect the kneecaps and joints from damage. Integrated knee pads will come in handy when changing levels and positions frequently, or when lying down. Unfortunately, the second-generation pants don't have any flaps or protections under the knee pads, so be prepared that dust and dirt can build up inside the inserts over time.

Also pay attention to the inserts made of elastic material in the color Tan around the mounting location of the integrated knee pads. As in the case of the belt, they serve the same purpose: to expand when moving the legs to ensure comfort and fixation of the integrated knee pads, as well as to improve air circulation in the area of ​​the tight dampers of additional protection.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

At the back, the knees of the trousers have a strap 7 cm wide and an adjustable Velcro measuring 12.5 x 4 cm (width / height). If the sling inside the front mortise pockets is responsible for the vertical positioning of the integrated knee pads, then this Velcro takes on the role of controlling the degree of pressure protection of the user's feet. Partly this Velcro pants with integrated knee pads and owe their comfort. As you can see, there are no transverse elastic slings, which squeeze the legs during prolonged wear. Instead, the adjustable Velcro can be loosened for better thermoregulation and air circulation, or tightened quickly to provide maximum protection to the patella during active movement.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

The leg pockets in the Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants are present on both legs and measure 10.5 x 14.5 centimeters (width / height). Access to them is provided through a neck 11.5 cm wide, which is covered with a velcro valve. The height of the valve is 4 centimeters. Structurally, these pockets are very similar to the front patch pockets, and also have a fold in the front wall. Only here it adds an additional 5 centimeters to the volume of the pocket. These pockets are mainly used to transport tourniquets and dressings, which are used in case of lower extremity injuries.

Review of Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants

The necks of the pants with a height of 6 centimeters are adjusted with a strap seven centimeters wide and Velcro 15 centimeters wide. With their help, you can tighten the necks of the pants on top of field shoes to prevent sand, dust, insects or snow from getting inside.

Although the second generation of the Crye Precision combat uniform is considered relatively obsolete and is no longer available on the official website of the manufacturer, due to the release of the third (G3) and fourth (G4) generations, but design advantages and quality confidently give a head start to competitors in combining protection with comfort . These properties will be especially important when serving in combat theaters with hot and dry climates, semi-deserts and deserts. If at high temperatures you need pants that can provide reliable protection against mechanical damage in combination with a large number of pockets and space for transporting equipment, then Crye Precision G2 Combat Pants will cope with this task with dignity. Fortunately, they can still be purchased from a number of Crye Precision distributors.

Thank you to the store for the sample provided for review.

Author: MAD