The unique textbook of the Ranger USA is now available in Russian. This book is a translation of this 2000 US Army Ranger Handbook (SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook). This guide in America is used as a textbook in the preparation of Rangers. The book is focused both on the cadets of the rangers training brigade, and on all the servicemen of the 75th infantry regiment of the rangers of the US Army. The textbook is translated completely - almost the same original as in English, without exceptions and abbreviations. The style of presentation and breakdown by sections are also fully preserved. Moreover, for a more complete understanding of the material presented, the book has applications in which readers will find the organizational structure, the basics of combat use and the training of rangers units of the US Army. For a greater understanding of the subject at the end of the textbook is a list of abbreviations and abbreviations that the book abounds. The book is intended for the study of foreign military experience.